Teamnetwork designs and manufactures mobile bulk loading systems for bulk materials such as cement, ground limestone or filter dust, easily adaptable to all types of storage silos.

Teamnetwork: high specialization in the field of structural renovations with mortar fiber-reinforced thixotropic.

On last 17 February 2016, in the enchanting location of the Museum 1000 Miglia in Brescia the PreMille Party took place, opening event of one of the most important and beautiful vintage car races in the world: the Mille Miglia.

Enthusiasm, ambition, commitment and a huge effort are the main drivers of runners. Teamnetwork, always rushing through Italy and beyond.

At a glance: participation to 7 Championships, Poule playoff Championship award, about 7000 attendances at PalaLoBello as A league follower, achievement of Regional awards, young talents from Siracusa to join the National team, “Schools” Project, “CONI” Project, 370 club members.