Winter time in Ortigia has become a Christmas event of great interest: a blend of culture, passion, history and craftsmanship, demonstrated through the fascinating world of vintage cars.


Within the upgrading program of Ternate production unit, aimed at dealing with increased dust quantity recovered from the dedusting ESP of the kiln line, Holcim (Italia) S.p.A. appointed TEAMNETWORK S.r.l. to realize a dedusting filter for silos 1 and 2 and a dust extraction unit from silo 2, with pneumatic transport to cement silos. Holcim decided to increase the storage capacity of the kiln line, through adaptation of the second silo, which had been previously dedicated to raw meal storage, to storage of clinker kiln dust.

With this project, the bicycle trail of Siracusa, once the railway track, has been transformed into a contemporary art gallery. The core of the initiative is the creation of a sculpture park along this route, a symbol of profound urban regeneration.

As part of the traditional exchange of seasonal greetings, Teamnetwork srl transformed its workshop on December 21st into a festive tavern with barbecue and dining tables.

The end of the year is always a time for assessing, evaluating, reflecting..
and also a time for comparing.

The Old that chases the New.. and the New that sometimes draws from the Old..