In May 2015 TEAMNETWORK achieved successfully the final test activities of the new fluidization and extraction system related to five cement stocking silos for the Tunisian company Les Ciments de Bizerte. The conclusion of this project, together with the recent completion of a new limestone crushing plant, hit the target of TEAMNETWORK S.r.l. success on the North African market.

Despite the inevitable conflicts of thought and opinions, between supporters and detractors, between optimists and pessimists, dreamers and defeatists at all costs, there is no doubt that this event focuses the world's eyes on our country.

Our company SPERO srl has been asked by the cultural-political association “Tempi Nuovi” (New Times) to rent for two days (6th and 7th June) the space of the former industrial firm, in order to organise a convention.

Pointing toward the south, to the southernmost tip of Sicily, an enchanting panorama may seem to slowly transport you toward Africa.

The cities change their skylines with ambitious and impressive accomplishment architectural, symbol economic hegemony, cultural or national expression of more advance technology and the most daring engineering.