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The companies passing safe through the decades or even centuries, are those that haven't been limited to change their organization occasionally, but that have "change" encoded in their DNA.

Teamnetwork has been able to change and adapt over the time, to new challenges and thanks to his capability of analyzing and reorganizing, has been able to adapt some things unusual to an advantage for better solutions.


Teamnetwork firmly believes in the service culture: to satisfy customer requirements in the shortest possible time.


It is thanks to our ability to interpret and often anticipate market trends that we are able to optimize most of our time, an indispensable value to keep up with the challenge of today’s global market.

Engineering, quarries and mining management, logistics, plants, services and maintenances, real estate development, construction, photovoltaic plants, design of environmental solutions.

The mission of Teamnetwork is to build the future on an already solid and competitive tradition with over 60 years experiences in the cement sector.

The structure offers a platform of integrated services: from quarry exploitation, procurements, logistics and product distribution, general engineering, building management and turnkey solutions, through the installation and integration of complete systems, for the entire cement production cycle, including operation and maintenance.


Thanks to our ability to offer the client ideal solutions, which often are turnkey, we can carefully monitor every phase of our work process. The quality certifcates held by the company are a tangible profof the efficiency and quality of our production system. Knowledge of the process, ability to define the necessary resources and application of procedures for quality production, are elements that allow us to guarantee performances respecting the established requirements, ensuring that the primary objective is reached: satisfying all the requirements of our customers.


A security in the management of the workplace System (SGSL), following the guidelines for the implementation of OHSAS 18001 specifcations, it was implemented with the goal of prevention and continuous improvement in the management of health problems e safety of workers and everyone who is exposed to the associated risks with the business.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

RINA Services S.P.A.
ISO 9001:2015 - CERTIFICATE No. 36330/18/S
ISO 45001:2018 CERTIFICATE No. OHS-3414


Bentley SOA
CERTIFICATE No. 23735/35/00