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Over 60 years experiences in the industrial sector

Teamnetwork offers an integrated service platform for the engineering and development of industrial processes, particularly in the cement, real estate and renewables.

Teamnetwork has built the future on an already solid and competitive tradition with more then 60 years experiences in the cement sector.


Grinding systems, dedusting systems, raw materials and finished products storage systems, automated load systems, conveyor belts, sea terminals, air conditioning towers and heat exchangers, SRF systems.

SCR - SNCR plants for NOx emission abatement, alternative fuels recovery plants, filters, greening processes, process energy optimization, renewable energy plants.

Real estate development, building management in business housing and tourist industry sector, conservative restoration, structural restoration and maintenance.


Over 60 years

di esperienza maturata
nel settore industriale.


250 skillfull specialist

impiegati nei vari settori,
portano al successo Teamnetwork.


3 main offices

in italia e molte
altre anche all'estero.

Teamnetwork News

TEAMNETWORK: Actions Covid-19

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, Teamnetwork promptly and proactively took precautionary measures in accordance with government regulations to limit the risks of contagion.

More informations: TEAMNETWORK: Covid-19 actions