Child of ..child of whom? Each of us is a potential “child of...”.

The hair becomes clearer. The skin becomes darker. The water becomes warmer. Drinks cooler.

The large family Albatro has established itself, even in Follonica.

Sicily is an official partner of Expo Milano 2015 as the leader of the Cluster BioMediterranean, a large area dedicated entirely to biodiversity and the Mediterranean diet.

The III Edition of the St. Louis Charity Walk memorial dedicated to Gianni D’Angelilli (one of us) took place on June 14th, 2015 in Guidonia. This project was undertaken with the objective of reviving a racing competition originally organized in the 1980s by Cementeria Buzzi of Giudonia as part of the celebrations taking place around thefestivalofitspatronsaint,St.Louis.

The challenge was to attract experienced road runners as well as ordinary citizens  (to participate in a variety of competitions of 10 km running and 4 km walking). These competitors were inspired by the desire and willingness to raise funds for charity: it was necessary to go on the road in order to support the most needy. Proceeds from the first year of the competition were donated to a mission in Brazil. Proceeds from the second year of the competition were donated to a poor village with the assistance of the parish of St. Mary of Loreto Guidonia.

This year funds will be targeted to the Onlus Blue Skies Association of Guidonia, which provides support for people with disabilities.

It has been very satisfying to see that the number of participants is increasing everyyear.Inparticular,thisyearthere were 250 competitors. TEAMNETWORK, alwaysawareofsolidarityinitiatives,despite the current economic climate and the large geographic distances from their headquarters, participated enthusiastically in the competition of this year.

Thanks to the participants of this year, sponsors and supporters that dedicated their energies to this event, the Onlus Blue Skies Association of Guidonia will be able to buy a bus to offer transport for the disabled.