"Opifex" has been the main sponsor of the evening with the project "1372".

"1372" was the number painted on the side of the Alfa 1900, the car driven in 1953 by Alvaro Di Stefano, in his victorious first race, "the Supercortemaggiore Trophy".

From these family references, from the great passion for cars, attention to detail, from the fascinating mechanical perfection was born the idea of dressing today drivers with a jacket of technical design and high performance called "1372 jacket".
1372 , presented in a in a context evoking the Italian spirit and the inner values of a “made in Italy” brand, was given as a prize to the most elegant car, an Alfa Romeo 6c 2500 SS Villa d'Este and to the car with the best Palmarès, a Ferrari 857 S, appointed by the jury of Vintage Races.

During 2016 the summer Opifex, will continue his trip with 1372, through the most important and iconic races and exhibitions in the world of vintage cars.