The production of plants in greenhouses has been carried out protecting the environment, while preserving about 600 trees, from carob trees and olive trees replanted along the perimeter bands of the structure itself as well as the conservation of multiple native plants, while respecting the characteristic elements such as dry stone walls.

The extension of the company as a whole covers about 60ha of which 10ha are used for the realization of photovoltaic greenhouses.

The greenhouses are created by closing the side spaces with polyethylene sheets. Inclination of solar panels leaves a useful underlying space that varies from 2.40 to 5.00 meters which allows the planting of ornamental plants of a suitable size.

Agricultural production ranges from the cultivation of ornamental plants to vegetables. In Santa Croce Camerina and Modica, a particular species of ornamental palmetto is produced, very widespread in Ragusa, known in the local dialect as “scupazza” in the two varieties with the scientific name of Chamaerops humilis and excelsa;

Santa Croce also produces Aloe (vera and arborescens). Vegetables grown to date include basil, parsley, green beans in many varieties. In addition the program will include the production of organic ginger in early 2018.

In the last agricultural year the quantities produced were 3,800 quintals.

A winning combination: energy and quality agricultural production; a two-pronged approach developed by the knowledge and expertise of the team of Arte Orto Energy.