Teamnetwork has been chosen,among several competitors, thanks to the joint work of its technicians and workers who knew how to design the intervention, guaranteeing high safety and environmental standards together with speed of execu-on and competitive costs.
In designing the demolition in addition to the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to ensure safety and productivity, particular attention was paid to respecting the environment with measures aimed at minimizing vibrations, noise and dust emissions. The demolition activity, to be carried out in an active production context and in confined spaces, has imposed in addition to the strict environmental control measures, technical capacity and intervention in spaces penalizing the size of the means and the freedom to maneuver. Every possible risk must be evaluated and managed through the adoption of countermeasures aimed at minimizing the possibility of errors that could cause damage to people and plants and cause the work to be stopped for both accidents and environmental pollution.

• Preventive characterization of all materials in order to plan the management and disposal of waste;
• Implementation of suitable protections
in order to prevent possible falls of debris from above;
• Preventive remediation of the parts of the plant to be demolished containing asbestos;
• Demolition of small metal structures, p resent within the plant lines, by means of thermal cutting;
• Demolition of buildings in a mixed structure and of the plant components present within them, in progression, until its completion.
The iron and steel components of considerable size (ducts, kilns, etc.), will be reduced in volume with the use of hydraulic equipment, mounted on suitable means of work.
The demolition work was meticulously designed, as was all the logistics of the construction site, including the removal of demolished waste material.
Safety is guaranteed by an in-depth analysis of the structure to be demolished, of its static behavior, of the degree of impairment of the buildings, of the materials used and above all of the structures to be saved located in or near.
Safety on site, environmental quality, compliance with timing and proactivity, that is the ability to design interventions, solve any on site problem without ever stopping work or decreasing productivity are the constants of the Teamnetwork processes and services